Parent & Caregiver Training

Learn effective communication strategies with your newborn, toddler, middle schooler, high schooler or any aged child. Learn ways to stimulate language development and strategies for dealing with frustration and anxiety at home.

We can help with difficult transitions throughout the day, increasing communicative opportunities naturally, and suggest ideas for making your home a more enriching learning environment.

Consultation & Parent Meetings

We offer parent meetings to prepare for school transitions or evaluate current educational plans.

Our experience working closely in and with various school districts as well as many private schools has prepared us for discussing and preparing for:

  • IEP Meetings
  • Teacher Conferences
  • School Interviews
  • Further Educational Testing that may need to take place.

Communication Training

Using the “Touch Chat” iPad program for children who have motor difficulties such as severe apraxia or are non-verbal and benefit from having an alternative and augmentative method of communication.

We teach parents how to modify the APP to suit your own child’s individual needs.

We give you the ability to control and program the device so that it can be a dynamic and useful tool for your child’s overall communication system.