Speachy Kids Having Fun


PLAYGROUP: For Children 2 to 6 years old.

A fun and educational program designed to teach how to make and keep friends in a small classroom setting. Children learn how to share, communicate, play fair, and enjoy being with other children. They also are exposed to skills, activities, and lessons that will help them in preschool and beyond.

Cost: $100 for a weekly 60-minute group class of up to 8 children, with 2 specialized teachers/speech and language therapists (when available). Your receipt will have the code for group therapy in the event your insurance company, or Flexible Spending Account, reimburses for this type of therapy.

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Thinking Tools

THINKING TOOLS: For Kids 7 to 18 years old.

Collect tools to use in sticky and confusing social situations at school or home, with friends, and everywhere people gather. Topics include: “How to really listen to others”; “What does your body say about you and do your words match?” and “How do I start a conversation with someone I don’t know?”

Cost: $115 per 45-minute small group (3-5 kids) session.

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Intake Process:

Children who are not currently on the Speachy caseload for speech therapy or Academic Training and are new to the center are required to attend a quick 20-30 minute pre-enrollment meeting with a staff member in order to evaluate whether they are good candidates for a group, and if so, which group would be the best fit and most appropriate for their needs.

Please contact the office for the current fee for an intake meeting. If Speachy Learning Center, for whatever reason, cannot offer you a slot, the fee is waived. If we offer you a group or choice of groups and you decide you do not want any of them, the fee is not refundable. Please email with the header (Playgroup or Thinking Tools or just indicate Social Skills Group) to info@speachy.com for availability and intake dates.