General Policies and Procedures

SPEACHY is committed to providing the highest quality speech, language and learning services for our clients, colleagues and community.


Important Please Read!!

  • Please use quiet voices when entering and exiting the building
  • There is NO RUNNING in the halls
  • Please wait for your child in the designated waiting areas not in the hallways
  • Please wash hands and use the restroom before going into your session
  • Please keep sick children at home. If you arrive and the therapist determines that your child is too ill to be at therapy or groups, you will be sent home and the regular charge will be assessed. You can cancel even right up to your session without incurring any fees if your child is sick.


Fee schedule and Payments

SPEACHY’S current fees are summarized in the fees page. Cost-of-living-adjustments (COLA) are made annually in January. SPEACHY clients are invoiced monthly and have two payment options: Debit or credit card auto-pay, or self-pay by credit or debit card, as detailed in the Billing and Payment Policy Form. Speachy prefers not to receive cash or checks.


Consultations and Evaluations

A Consultation is usually a one-visit appointment in which verbal feedback is provided and a chart note is completed. Consult sessions are billed at the end of the month for the date service was provided. Full payment is due at the time of receipt of the statement, and a receipt will be sent at the end of each month.

An Evaluation is a more extensive assessment of speech, language and learning skills and often involves an extended appointment or several sessions. Verbal feedback is given AND a formal evaluation report is written and sent within two weeks. An invoice is sent at the end of the month and payment is due within 30 days.


Treatment, Attendance and Reports

Monthly invoices for therapy are sent by the 5th day of the following month. Payment in full is due within 10 days and by the next billing cycle. Payment problems (returned checks, insufficient funds, frequently declined credit cards) will result in a client’s treatment being discontinued until the account is current.

Regular attendance is important for an effective therapy program. If a session needs to be cancelled, clients must provide 24 hours notice by leaving a message with their clinician at (844) SPEACHY or (844) 773-2249. Messages may be left 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week. Please note: if a child is sick, your session may be cancelled the same day and no fees are incurred. Sessions not cancelled with 24 hours notice and “no show” appointments incur “No Show Fees”, as listed on the bottom of your invoice.

Written report fees include the time required to analyze data, summarize findings, formulate a diagnosis, offer recommendations and write the document. A written progress report is required for all clients at the completion of treatment; please see fees page for a complete list of all fees.



Health insurance may partially cover speech language therapy fees.  Clients should consult their benefits administrator to determine coverage and clarify policy requirements. SPEACHY does not bill or accept direct payments from insurance carriers: our clients must pay all invoices on a monthly basis.

Many SPEACHY clients submit insurance claims for PERSONAL REIMBURSEMENT.  We have designed SPEACHY invoices to expedite these claims and often provide additional information (daily speech note), which insurance carriers often require. We ask that you keep your daily therapy notes to submit to your insurance company, as there is a charge for emailing or printing duplicate copies.

If an insurance company pays SPEACHY directly, the check will be returned to the company, with a letter directing them to reissue the check and have it sent to you. Clients are responsible for keeping all accounts current, despite pending insurance reimbursement. Refer to the “If You Intend to Seek Insurance Reimbursement” page for additional information.

Please Note: Speachy will not return emails, mail correspondence, phone calls or deal in any way directly with insurance companies.